Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Inaugural Post

Here I am, back in the world of blogging. But instead of boring post about my life, I go with a themed post.
All about gardening.

I spent most of the winter reading Gardening for Dummies, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegetable Gardening, various gardening forums, planned and re-planned my garden layout on and many other things after getting a bug up my ass for some reason about gardening. Over the course of several weeks, I bought a ton of self-watering containers and ordered seeds in the middle of December.
I tried to start all these plants inside; I had big grandiose ideas involving way more vegetables than I could ever cook...
Yeah, I started too early. And I discovered the hard way that you should never plant basil and rosemary together. But it's finally March. And I can finally really start to plant things that will go outside and grow and make lots of food! I'm never going to have to go grocery shopping ever again.
Ok, I know that's not true, but still. I'm super excited.

Last week I planted summer squash, cucumbers, glacier tomatoes, black cherry tomatoes, bush green beans, bush wax beans, ground cherry and....corn.... in those little jiffy planters. (I know right? Why did I put corn in the jiffy planters? Why am I planting corn? I don't know. I was caught up in the moment) I put the plastic piece over top of it, stuck it under a window on a table, and placed a desk lamp on a timer over it.
In 5 days, almost everything had sprouted!
I'm a master gardener.
Today, I transplanted them.

And this weekend, Bryan and I are tearing up the front yard (just a little bit) and putting in a raised bed, and I'm gonna plant onions, potatoes, and maybe some of the other cold season crops.

Bush green beans

Corn...(I know)

Cucumbers (front) and summer squash (back)

More summer squash

I amuse myself. But to be fair, those are all my real nails, just with the acrylic stuff on them. 


All my seedlings <3

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