Saturday, March 19, 2011

More preparations

I know, I know, I know, I keep doing all these things waaaay to early. Maybe not way too early. I only planted one thing, and I planted it inside...I hope that makes it ok.
In exciting news, (Or at least exciting to me) the ground cherry seeds that I planted all the way back in February (actually, a month ago!) randomly sprouted. I had given up on them, really. Even stopped watering them. I learned my lesson, I guess. I would guesstimate that 5 of the 9 seeds I planted sprouted on the 16th. I keep reading that sometimes it's good to let herbs "suffer" a little bit because it makes their flavor stronger, but I didn't think it would work for ground cherries. So, I guess we'll see if they manage to keep on kicking.

3 Glacier tomato (heirloom!) and 2 black cherry tomato plants were transplanted into bigger containers today.

I think next year instead of trying to fit each of my various seedling/transplant planters into small crevices on 2 tv dinner tables in front of one window to be warmed by 2 strategically placed and angled desk lamps, I'm going to buy cheap shelving, and rig up some lamps on each level. I am amazing. I also plan to rig up my own trellis for my peas and snow peas. I'm surprisingly more hopeful for the grow shelves than the trellis.

So yeah, I transplanted those. I'm out of space really. I still have one planter to fit in front of that window. It's the only safe place from the kitties! Anyway.

The only thing I planted were my strawberry seeds. I'm pretty sure it's been 3 weeks since I took them out of the  freezer.....I always thought that was a really interesting concept- freeze the seeds so they think they're in the ground, then thaw them out before you plant them.

And then the Weekend Seedling Sprouting Update:
Oregano, basil and catnip sprouted on 3.15.11, which meant I thought everything that was gonna sprout inside had sprouted UNTIL
Ground cherry sprouted 3.16.11 (probably)
One or two each of the garlic and onion seem to have sprouted around 3.17 or 3.18

I dug up part of the ground approximately 1'x7' directly in front of the fence, and then worked in some garden soil. I was gonna plant my tomato transplants in the first two weeks of April, but then I realized I was dumb and tomatoes need HOT weather. So, if I can keep them alive maybe.... May. I also think I might hold off on the fruit bushes. I'm really worried about the availability of copious amounts of sunshine once the trees get all their leaves in, and I would much rather focus on growing veggies that will produce in one season versus a berry bush that would take a couple years. Maybe next year. Or once I see how much sun is actually gonna be there.
So, I guess we'll see what happens during this coming week!

(This is garlic I stuck in a half barrel planter last November. I keep waiting for the stalks to turn brown and fall off, but I really just want to dig one up and look at it now!)

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