Monday, April 18, 2011

First fruits

I've got beans growing! They started about a week ago. Actually, I need to go through and document dates with my pictures that I've taken so I can get approximate growing times for next year. Clearly I started to early, but still, I'm excited. I want the weather to get much warmer so that I can plant them outdoors. 
The berry plants have been bought, and I'm hoping to get those into the ground next weekend, and the first week of May I'm gonna plant the tomatoes outside...cucumbers....squash......beans. We'll see. 
Everything has sprouted, except for my strawberry plants. 
I guess I should just get to my listing. This blog is slowly disintegrating into a list essentially anyway. There's so much to list now! (And I'm still wanting to grow more) Maybe I'll start writing about all the stuff I'm doing. 

4.5.11~ At some point, probably a week before (?) buds started showing, the first picture that I have shows those buds flowering is around 4.15.11. I'm irritated that I didn't document this better, but it seems to take about 2 1/2 months from seeds to flowering. 
4.5.11~ The cucumbers start sending out suckers. 
4.7.11~ Beans flowered
4.11.11~ Beans started growing fruits!

I'm really not sure at all about the outside stuff. 
I planted one of the strawberry plants and some lettuce pellets maybe 1 1/2 weeks ago, around the same time the beans and squash flowers started showing up. The I noticed lettuce sprouts a couple days ago, we'll say on the 15th-ish. 
And I planted some strawberry seeds, those took about 2 weeks to sprout. 
I still can't tell if my spinach has sprouted, there's a lot of little weeds coming up in that bed, and I don't really want to start pulling them out if I'm not positive what they are. All my potatoes have sent up greens, but that definitely took at least two to three weeks. 
I'm also almost positive that at least some of my beets, broccoli and carrots have sprouted, but not sure how many considering there a bunch of small weeds, and for some reason it looks like I've only gotten seed in the "back" (being edge closest to the fence) half of the raised bed. Cindy wants me to have the boys put in another bed. Bryan suggested in the fenced in area so the deer don't get to it; I would love that!
Lastly, my peas and snap peas have sprouted, that took a while, but they're growing really well now. I even tied a couple of the pea sprouts (and suckers have formed on the peas the last few days) to a pole. Out of the 4 seeds I planted of each kind, only three sprouted. And of my three pea plants that were coming up, one vanished. Not sure if was eaten by a deer or not (I've started spraying the deer and rabbit deterrent.)

And that's about it. And now for some uninterestingly placed pictures. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Well hello spring, nice of you to finally show up.

Guess I'm just showing off a little bit, hence the pictures post. The random summer-type-temperature day that we had yesterday was wonderful, and I think my veggies got all excited. Almost everything has started sprouting, although I'm not completely sure that the spinach has started popping up yet; theres a lot of little weeds, and I can't differentiate yet. 
Anyway, so I cleaned out this flower bed that sits on the edge of our house, and I'm going to plant some perennials. Actually, I already planted two, some Dianthus hybrid Cheddar Pinks Eastern Star and Columbine Cameo Mix. I need to get paid before I buy some more. Depending on if the government gets their ducks in a row and Bryan and I can go to DC this weekend, I want to get some more plants this weekend. 

Welcome to my greenhouse! Everything is growing up nicely. My bush beans are flowering, showed up a few days ago. I really need to get them into the ground outside, but the weather is still changing too much. But I still feel like a master gardener. Maybe in about 2 weeks, it will be hot enough........................

In the left picture, you can see one of my cucumbers coming up and then off to the left are my bush beans. The red planter has my spices and the white planter has my squash. That one is budding too. I'm pretty sure squash flowers, but.... it's my first time. 
The Chia Pet spice collection Janice gave me has finally started sprouting. I think I need to transplant these into larger pots, and I hate the stupid soil sponge. It's so difficult to water it- the water sits on top for a minute before it gets absorbed. (Ok, maybe I'm just being lazy)

 Of all the planters I have with cucumbers in them (3) this one is doing the best. I think the one below it just needs lots more sunlight. Not sure what's wrong with it's sibling. This one is doing the best. I think the one below it just needs lots more sunlight. Not sure what's wrong with it's sibling. 
I'm a little surprised at just how well the Black Cherry Tomatoes are growing. I guess because they're cherry tomatoes, I expected them to be very small plants. My other tomatoes (Glacier) that aren't doing as well, in my opinion. 

Basil. I want to get some more small pots to transplant those into, and plant another one of my quinault strawberry roots in there. 

To update more..............
My potatoes have started sprouting, but I'm thinking of digging up the front yard and planting some more, I planted one set of strawberry roots in a container, and I bought these lettuce mix pellets from Burpee, which I also stuck in some dirt. 
The other veggies I planted: beets, carrots and broccoli have sprouted, it's been about a week now, but I've forgotten which was where or where the lines are (I think I might need to put up string rows with labels next time.) 3 of the 4 pea seeds sprouted last week, but none of the snow peas :( I like snow peas better than regular peas, but I'm going to be happy with whatever manages to grow. 

Squash. You can see it budding!