Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Broccoli. And Maybe Some Other Veggies

This is about the time, (I can say that now that this is my SECOND summer gardening) that I start to get all giddy about my garden- taking lots of pictures, ogling every little seedling that pops up, counting exactly how many of each kind of seed I planted and where (using diagrams of course) and I take lots of notes in my little notebook. In about 2 months I won't care. Well, not about the notebook at least. Last year I quit on the 17th of July just as my little cucumber plants started fruiting.

Also, broccoli is delicious. 
Anyway, I am proud to say that all of my broccoli plants have heads. Some bigger than others, and I'm wondering about the one that seems to be 2 plants in one. But who cares? I have heads! I didn't last year. They just stayed leggy and didn't do much. And apparently, as I learned today, broccoli can last here until about June.

What else? Well, I've got pea sprouts all over the place- since I didn't get a good harvest last year, I put more out and hopefully in better places. There's about a 6 week difference between plantings, though. I'm worried that the newer ones won't do anything.

I also need to buy more bean seeds. On a whim after reading a forum post, I thought I might try to use my old bean seeds from last year- but to no avail. I could be wrong, though, it might still be too cold for them. However, I did leave them in the shed all last winter......

The potatoes started sending up some signs of life- the red potatoes only took about 2 weeks, where the russet potatoes took over a month. I'll have to research if that's normal.

Lastly, I've finally got all my purchases from Burpee- 3 tomato plants, 1 pepper plant and herbs: cilantro, basil, oregano, thyme and parsley. The tomato are Heirloom Amish paste (to make sauces), Health Kick (which is supposed to have more of the healthy things that are found in tomatoes) and Big Mama Hybrid. It's just the two of us right now and I'm the only one who eats tomatoes, so it's kind of pointless to buy a bunch (even though I want to. But I might actually cave and buy a grape or cherry tomato variety), and B is such a picky eater. The reason I only got one pepper plant (California Sweet Bell)? B doesn't like peppers. Or salsa. Or tomatoes. Or cooked onions. At least he likes broccoli. And he'll only eat squash when it's covered in sugar and flour (zucchini bread)

Oh well. It's a fine line- growing lots of fun things and experimenting because I can, versus being realistic about what we'll eat. B's mom has a much larger garden than me so I can't give her anything. Well, she might like some of those lemon cukes I'm going to try out. And my parents are too far away. People at work might like them. And then I think I shouldn't give my veggies away but I should keep them for us in case the apocalypse comes.


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