Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Official 2012 Planting List

Aka, I hope I don't add anything else.

I remember last year I planted so many things but only a few plants grew. This year I told myself I'd scale back.     I wouldn't overcrowd everything. Well, I think I did that....I've planted several of the same things, just different varieties. So on one hand there's less, but on the other there's more. B's mom had originally told me that I'd planted too much in one space- I asked her about her garden this year, because I thought it looked more full than mine ever had. Apparently what she meant was not so much that I planted too many different veggies, but that I should've planted lots of the same thing in one space. One bed for beans. One bed for tomatoes, etc. Anyway, here's what I've got so far:

Sugar Snap peas
Oregon Sugar Pod snow peas
Little Marvel pea
Kentucky Wonder pole beans
Tendergreen bush beans (using seeds from 2011)
Bush Blue Lake bean 274
Gold Rush wax bush bean (using seeds from 2011)
Brittle wax bush beans
Packman broccoli
Red potatoes
Russet potatoes
Amish Paste tomato
Health Kick Hybrid tomato
Big Mama Hybrid tomato
Chocolate Cherry tomato
Husky Red Cherry tomato
3 unknown transplant tomatoes from C's compost pile
Gypsy sweet pepper
Sweet California Wonder pepper
Nantes Half Long carrots
Early Select garlic (I think this is the one- I ordered them last year from Burpee, and didn't write the name down)
Dutch Yellow shallots (same as the garlic. I think this is what I ordered last year)
Generic everbearing strawberries (Home Depot didn't give them a name, just the basic strawberry plants, I'm assuming)
3 other strawberry plants that I planted last year (also from Burpee. Again, didn't write the name down.) 
Citronella (I was given two plants from one of B's coworkers)
Lemon basil
Calypso Cilantrol
Greek oregano
(Sage, garlic chives, possibly sweet marjoram left over from last year.)
2 unknown blueberry plants from last year (one has blue flowers, the other has white.) 
Unknown raspberry plant from last year
 Kiwigold raspberry (I thought it died last summer but has come back)
Apache thornless blackberry bush
And finally to be planted when I have a place for them: 
Lemon cucumber
Sweeter Yet Hybrid cucumber
Honeybun Hybrid cantelope 
Sunray Hybrid squash
Sweet Zuke Hybrid zucchini

See, more but less, right? 
Did a little bit more planting today, so meet the newest members of the 2012 garden family are:

Top left: Citronella. Bed: pepper and tomato
 On the left are 2 of C's compost tomatoes, and the third one is in the white planter. They're looking a little...rough. I think it's a combination of having sat in B's car for a day (She gave them to him on Friday, I didn't get them till last night), transplant shock and the fact that I transplanted them on a warm, bright sunny day. Fingers crossed they survive. In the two green planters are the cherry tomatoes. The "thinner" one is the Chocolate Cherry.

Thing One and Thing Two
The generic strawberries from Home Depot. I bought two pots of them, but I think there are actually 5 plants total. It looked like there was more than one plant growing in each. 

I also put in two more rows of carrot seed tape, in between the ones that have already sprouted. 
Lastly, to attempt some drastic weed control in the 5x5 bed from the previous owner, I laid down newspaper, covered it with soil and watered it. It's my fault that I didn't prep the bed very well this spring, but in my defense, I already had garlic growing that had been planted in October. Plus there were tons of tiny little seeds popping up; I didn't think my back could handle all the pulling/digging required to get rid of them. But how is this any different than weed control fabric, eh?

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