Thursday, May 3, 2012

Give Thanks There Was Sunshine, Give Thanks There Was Rain

Weird weather these past few days- the temps have been jumping between low 60s to mid 80s, sunny during the day, thunderstorms at night. I can't complain, since I haven't had to water and my veggies always seem to grow exponentially after big storms.
I think that I usually do pretty well with the less frequent but more deep watering in most of the beds/containers, but for some reason I feel like my two newest beds drain too quickly.

Also, excitingly, I've gotten my first harvest- one whole strawberry.

See that one on the right? Yup, ate 'em.
If you look closely in the bottom right you can see the first pea pod
But I've finally seen a pea pod (well, actually two!) and my biggest head of broccoli is 5" wide. I'm a gardening wizard.

Front: red potatoes
Back: russet potatoes
 Lastly, the wax beans have finally started pushing through. I was getting worried: they'd rotted in the ground, or I planted them too deeply, or (and what I really think the issue was) it wasn't warm enough for them to emerge yet. The other though was that I had violated a companion planting law by putting them in between the broccoli and carrots, but turns out those do relatively well together; carrots are especially good for beans. The reason that I was so concerned with it was thanks to last year. I'd tried to start them indoors as seedlings but NONE germinated. But, no matter now.
Broccoli side shoots, yay!
 The potato experiment continues, and now it's almost become an experiment on growing different kinds of potatoes. The one in the foreground that is lush and full are red potatoes. The one in the back are russet potatoes planted at the exact same time. I'm not sure what the problem is, honestly. I need to research this. Another interesting development with potato growing: last year I planted potatoes in the bed B's parents helped us put in. They didn't grow very well, but I think it was lack of sun. This past October I planted garlic and shallots there. Today, I discovered what I'm pretty sure are potato sprouts that have popped up among the garlic. I wonder if this means that I could actually overwinter potatoes here? Granted, the weather was so weird, but I didn't try to cover them with mulch. But maybe the alliums kept them warmish? Now I need to find out if they can stay there or if I should yank them out.

See the potato sprout? (disregard the weeds)

Also thought I'd show some updated pictures of the beds- from front to back are sugar snap peas, sugar pod snow peas, (Two rows each), Tendergreen bush beans (3 rows) Kentucky Wonder pole beans (2 rows) and then the toms and one lonely pepper plants. 

The tomatoes from C's compost pile have recovered from their transplant shock, and seem to be settling in nicely. I finally noticed some definite growth with the ones I got from Burpee. 

Mystery peas. I actually started writing this on the 2nd, but it was getting late, and I had to get in bed so I wasn't falling over dead at work today. As of today, the 3rd, I saw my first mystery pea pods and the biggest broccoli head grew almost another inch. Maybe at this point it's about an inch a day? So I should harvest it in about 3 days? As you can see, the broccoli is bigger (and I nibbled on one of the side shoots this afternoon. Yum. And there are two mystery peas that have started to grow. I'm hoping I can figure out what kind of the peas these are by comparing the leaves of the ones I planted a couple weeks ago in the bed

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