Monday, May 28, 2012

Harvest Monday and Catching UP

So I was gone this weekend, in the upper peninsula of Michigan to be a bridesmaid for one of my oldest friends. It was a fabulous trip, but I'm glad to be back to my veggies (is that bad?). I watered them well before I left, and was thinking there would be some rain....but no. When we got back I was out there watering for dear life at 10 at night. Of course when I went out a second time (B was taking a shower before) I realized it had FINALLY started raining.

Everything seemed ok, other than the red potatoes. they were falling over yellowed, drying, dead almost. A complete 180 from the fullness that they had when I left. I wonder though, if this is because they're ready to be harvested? The foliage perked up a little bit after much water. But still not as full.

Anyway, I'm going to participate in harvest Monday for the first time, hosted by Daphne's Dandelions.

I finished cutting all the side shoots from the broccoli and pulled those out, harvested most of the peas (there are still more that aren't quite done, but it's almost time to pull it out) and snap peas and pulled up one of the carrots to see how far along they were- when I tried carrots last year for the first time I didn't do very well. This year was much better. I'll probably pull the rest up in a week or so.

Shelled peas. Probably enough for one meal
I'm amazed at the amount of growth there was while I was gone this weekend. I discovered a couple of baby tomatoes earlier this week, but now the amount has doubled: Amish Paste, Big Mama Hybrid and Health Kick all have 4-5 fruits; the Husky Cherry Hybrid has a couple and Chocolate Cherry has one fruit.
Chocolate Cherry
I worry about this guy- I got it from Home Depot, and it seemed like it wasn't growing at all- just looking a little bushier. I fertilized everything just before I left, and it looks like there's been a little growth, but only sideways. So, I'm not sure.
Husky Cherry
Amish Paste
I didn't take pictures of the other tomatoes. I mean, if you've see one you've seen them all.

The Gypsy pepper plant that I got from Home Depot is showing it's first baby pepper. And like the Chocolate Cherry, I'm worried about the other one that I got from Burpee. It's a California Sweet Hybrid, but it's not growing very much either. It's flowered (as you can see below) but I worry that it's not going to do very well. 

The only thing that I can think is that the problem stems from being planted next to all the tomatoes. When I planted him I only had 3 tomatoes in the same bed and I was going to buy two more to put in. Then C gave me 3 of her volunteer tomatoes. I reasoned that the pepper would grow mostly along with the toms and they'd stay around the same size- even though I know peppers take longer. So. I'm not sure what to do.

The melons (Honey Bun Hybrid) are trucking along. I've got three growing in a half barrel planter, and I think I might plant three more where the peas are now. 

The carrots are starting to poke out. According to my notes I planted them March 17th, and the packaging says they take about 70 days, so they're pretty close to being done. The first picture is the one I pulled out to check. In the second picture you can see they're poking out too, but they're still a little green. And apparently you can leave them in the ground after they're mature. Not sure what to plant here when they're done. It's the end of the bed so maybe some squash or zucchini?
Speaking of, here are some updated pictures. The top is zucchini, the bottom is summer squash. I'd originally put three seeds in each planter, only to have one zuke and two squash seeds eaten by birds. I only replaced the squash, so that's why two of them are much smaller. I want to try and trellis them this year.

Summer Squash

The lemon cucumbers are filling out, and in place of the broccoli I planted two more rows of wax beans, bush beans and 2 regular cucumber seeds. 

 The pole beans are...pole-ing. I don't know if you can tell but one of the tendrils extends almost a foot beyond the top of my trellis. And I think they're about to flower. Same with the wax beans, they're going to flower in the next couple of days.

The bush beans have flowered, but only a few. Can't wait! C is already harvesting hers, and she's given me a big plastic bag full of them. 

I realize this looks like a creek or something, but it's really the bed that the garlic is in. I watered the hell out of it today to make sure it was watered deep. The garlic is still nice and green- no signs of yellowing/dying/ready to harvest yet. 

 And finally, it's not a veggie obviously, but gardening is about life, sustainability, etc, right? B and I discovered a few weeks ago that a Carolina Wren has made a nest in one of the cabinets in our garage. I have to hand it to her- it's pretty smart. Talk about a safe place. Today we realized that the babies had hatched; you could hear them making noise while mama was keeping them warm. We snapped a few pictures, and they would all sit up with their mouths open when we whistled. Originally we thought there were only 4 eggs, but when we were looking today, there are actually 5.
Babies! <3


  1. Your garden looks like its moving right along! You might dig around one of your potato plants and see if there are potatoes in there, they could be dying back just because they are mature. I know some of mine will be soon. Love the little baby birds, how fun, tho I'll bet a little messy and inconvenient if you need something from that cabinet!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I did end up digging up one of the potatoes, and it looked fully formed- but small. Maybe golf ball sized? I think I'm going to go ahead and leave them in there a little big longer.

  2. Beautiful pictures & nice harvest. Hope it all turns out ok! I saw the first pepper growing in my plant and I was so excited. It is nice to be able to see everything grow.

    1. I get so ridiculously excited sometimes when I get home from work and get to go putz around in the garden. I agree, it is nice to see it all growing, especially because it reminds me that I'm a part of something much bigger. Yeah, I put the seeds in the ground and made sure it was watered, but there's so much more to it. :)

  3. Your garden looks fabulous! I am growing potatoes for the first time this year, so I have no idea about why they would be dying off.

    Your baby bird friends remind me of our new little kitties. Our stray barn cat found a way to get through our subfloor area, and had her new babies in the empty space directly underneath our bathtub. Every time we would go in there, you could hear little mews coming from underneath the tub and in the floor!

    1. Yeah, my guess, especially since some of it came back (and it's filled in a little bit more since) is that it was the lack of watering. Like I responded to Mary, I dug one up but I think it could stand to grow a little longer. I read that they are usually harvested in 100-120 days, and it's only been about 75. I guess we'll see! I use a lot of this as an experiment, see what works and what doesn't; do it better next year :)
      And I hope your kitties were ok!!