Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pictures. And Maybe A Thousand Words

I feel like it's been a busy week, but I haven't really done much. Well, maybe I have. So a quick and dirty update on everything via pictures:

All the main broccoli heads have been harvested- the only one that I measured (pictured above obviously) got to 9". I think most of the other ones got that big as well, but I didn't measure them. I cut two more a couple days after this one because I gambled against it flowering and lost. The first three were steamed and eaten.

The next day I went ahead and cut the last 5, blanched them and froze them. Total, it filled one gallon ziplock bag. Not too bad for my first time actually getting some broccoli to grow. Now to see about a second fall planting.

I discovered that my burpee tomatoes had flower buds last Saturday, followed closely by the Chocolate Cherry. 

The toms from B's mom just started forming buds today, and only the biggest one of that. 

The husky cherry is getting bigger, but I haven't seen any flowers yet. (These pictures are maybe 3 days old)

The trellis/support thing I put in for the pole beans are way too small- maybe 3 ft tall. But I love them. They have stars. I love stars. Starrrrrrrssssssssss. (Sorry) I plan to put in some taller supports for them later.

Oh wax beans. You stress me out. I think maybe wax beans are just more sensitive to weather for germination than the bush/pole beans. They've been up for a while. After I'd gotten some sprouts from the bush/pole beans, I went back and reseeded in the skips. The second planting has been up for a while, despite the damage from cutworms. At least I'm pretty sure that's what it is. After I got the 6 wax bean sprouts I did the same thing, and they're just now pushing through. All in all I've counted 33 new sprouts. 
Well, I hope B likes wax beans. 
I got a pressure canner for Christmas. Bring on the 2012 apocalypse.   

The snow and snap peas are getting bigger, but I'm not holding out much hope for a harvest. I think I planted them way too late, probably a good 6 weeks after the other ones. I need a whole bed just for them and the garden peas. Maybe this fall. I did snip a couple of peas off the plant in the half barrel planter, but we'll be lucky to get one meal worth out of it. Oh well. 

I love the way carrots look in a garden. I think it might be because all you see is the greenery, but you know something else is going on- they're hidden and you just have to see what they look like when they're done. 

You can't really tell but there are some more sprouts that have popped up from a second (and again much later than should've been) planting. Hopefully these get longer than the 1"- 1.5" ones I got last year. 

I harvested some of my herbs too- and baked them in the oven so I could store them long term. I don't have enough herbs growing to make any sort of pesto. I know I could add them when I'm cooking, but I try to plan my meals, buy groceries and prep/freeze them once a month. The last time I didn't have enough to use. 

In the top picture is calypso cilantro and parsley. In this bottom one is lemon basil, thyme, oregano, Greek oregano and sage. The whole time I was cutting/drying/grinding them I had Simon and Garfunkel in my head.    Probably should invest in some rosemary, then. 

Last but not least are two views of 2/3rds of my garden. There are two other beds around the side growing garlic and some more snap peas. This is the main section. And actually since I took these picture I've added some more planters. I shouldn't have let B talk me out of buying wood for four beds. I planted seeds for the lemon cukes, zukes and squash on Saturday and then Sunday I sowed melon seeds. I think the cukes, zukes and squash I will try to trellis.

Lastly, I've been nibbling on some strawberries here and there, and discovered I'd had the foresight to put the plant marker in with one of the Burpee strawberries, so it's a Tristan F1. I like the Home Depot generic better, I think. And if I'm able to expand the strawberry bed next year, I'm going to plant June bearing.

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