Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Warm Season Babies

The lemon cuke and zukes have started to sprout- two lemons, one zuke, but I wonder if the summer squash seeds were eaten.  I can't remember which ones were eaten out of. And I keep finding the tops of my strawberries in the container where the squash is..... and bits of half chewed fruit. This doesn't make me happy. 

Lemon Cucumber

Sweet Zuke Hybrid Zucchini

You can see the green tops and a bit of left over strawberry there on the left. 

But, the flowers on my potatoes are quite lovely, so I can't be too grumpy. Now I need to do something about keeping the squirrels (who I assume are eating my strawberries) from eating my strawberries. 

The broccoli is almost done- I've been taking the handfuls of side shoots that I cut for lunch- which means I'll plant some squash/zukes/cukes there. They actually look like they're physically shrinking in size, but I wonder if part of that is wilting from the heat. It's been pretty steady in the mid to upper 70s (or more. But at least mid 70's) most of the week. On the other hand, we've gotten several storms at night so I don't worry about having to water, and the beans/toms/peppers love it. 

And speaking of peppers, I noticed today that they have flower buds forming. And I think I might need to switch places for some of my veggies. The one pepper that is surrounded by the toms (It's at the edge of the bed.) doesn't seem to be growing very well, and I think it's because of lack of sun. When I put it in, I really did think about how the sun moves and how the toms would grow, I just expected the pepper to grow almost on par with the toms. He might be happier in his own planter, and I can put one of C's toms in his place. 

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