Saturday, June 23, 2012

Garden to Table

I don't remember what day is the official garden to table challenge, but I don't feel like waiting. I made basil walnut pesto with basil from the garden, slathered it all over pasta, tomatoes (from the store. Mine aren't ripe yet, sigh) and garden beans. It was deliciousness. (I'm angling for the pasta attachment for my Kitchen Aid for Christmas. Or, I will be in a few months)

I took this picture a couple of days ago, so it had grown even more by the time I used it tonight. And now that I look at  it, I guess there is a lot there.
Recipe called for 2 packed cups of basil. I didn't measure it, but it filled up my mini processor. 
Process the basil, walnuts, olive oil, garlic and salt. Then add the Parmesan cheese and butter.  
Mmmmmm, pesto

I made zucchini bread muffins for dessert. The zucchini isn't from my garden, though. Mine aren't ripe yet. But soon! I feel bad for bemoaning my "lack" of enough basil to make pesto. When I made it tonight, I still believed there wasn't enough to get any decent amount. Well, I was definitely wrong. I found the recipe online here

Moving on, the gypsy peppers are getting bigger, and it finally seems like the one that I transplanted has recovered from the move and is growing

The first tomato to start ripening- the chocolate cherry. I noticed today that one of the husky red cherries is starting to redden as well. 

You can see what I mean about the size of the chocolate cherry in this picture- it's much smaller. 

 No baby cantelopes yet, but there are lots of flowers.

The lemon zukes are loving that trellis. 

The zucchini is getting huge! I'm worried I will have the same problem with these guys that I did with the squash last year- not much pollination.  Granted, it was my first year and I really didn't know what I was doing. I couldn't figure out why the baby squash kept dying. I tried to hand fertilize a few but it didn't work too well. I'd hope that last year it was just the location, but I've already had two zukes this year not get fertilized and die.

I felt like a bad veggie mom today. I normally spend more time watering the beds as opposed to the potted veggies because I literally see the water running out of the beds (it's very frustrating. But at least the grass around the beds is getting watered, right?) Since the drainage is so bad, I feel like I need to water it more frequently. On top of that, it usually seems like the ones in the planters stay well watered longer, and I know that just because it's dry on top, doesn't mean the soil isn't moist farther down. PLUS it rained last night. All that to say when I got home from running errands this afternoon my zuke and squash plants were all wilted and falling over. And when I started watering it, the soil started bubbling, as all the air bubbles were squished out from the soil finally getting some water. Thankfully they perked up after that. 
 Last but not least, I started some broccoli seeds today, hopefully I can do a fall garden this year. Now I think it's time for another muffin!

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