Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekend Update

Well, where were we?
The fungicide is definitely helping, but I'm still finding leaves affected with the blight. (When I put it like that, it almost sounds like I'm talking about the London blitz.) My poor tomatoes. I keep cutting the affected branches off, so they look bare. And since I used the whole bottle already, I went ahead an ordered some Serenade concentrate which I'm going to apply today- I think I read there needs to be 7-10 days between applications?
And can early blight affect beans? The pole beans are next to the tomatoes that are getting it the worst, so I tried to trim those leaves too. I also had to pull some more worm eaten tomatoes. 

I also caved and ordered some bird netting since my strawberries keep getting eaten. I don't always make much sense. I'll spend 60$ on various gardening items, but then I'll think "Nah, I'll get the netting later. It costs too much right now". I also had to replant and then cover the zucchini and cucumber seeds I planted a couple of days ago- someone stole those seeds too. 

I keep forgetting to mention my fruit bushes. Last October I planted two blueberry bushes, one raspberry and one blackberry. They're in the front yard so I tend to over look them. Slow growing there too, but I think the problem is there are too many trees around our house. Last week I ate all of the blueberries off of one of them....a giant harvest of FIVE blueberries. The whole bush is bare now. Take that, birds. The other one has more, but they're not ready yet.

The blackberry and raspberry are also looking sparse too, with only a handful of berries on each. There's been a lot of new growth, so hopefully they'll do better next year. They were pretty small when I got them anyway.

I literally just checked on the blackberries while the pictures were loading...those two are gone. No more blackberries on the bush. 
The squash is...I don't know how to explain it. I can see growth that will turn into flowers, but I don't see any flowers or flower buds yet. And the pole beans finally started flowering too. I gathered a handful of bush beans today. They're just starting to really produce. The wax beans are about a week behind them.

My cool season veggie experiment is well as you would expect cool season veggies to grow in June. All of the radishes germinated and have little sprouts poking out. The spinach and rhubarb haven't done a damn thing. Like I said, I wasn't expecting anything. I just wanted to see what would happen. 

I'm not going to have much to report when harvest Monday rolls around, but it's something, right? :) Tonight some old high school friends are coming up for a visit and we're going to the demolition derby. And then to some backwoods country bars. Can't wait. Where's my trucker hat and Miller Lite?


  1. Hang in there. In a 1-2 months you will be up to your eyeballs in produce. We also just put in blueberry and blackberry bushes. We stripped the blossoms from the blueberry bushes this year so they could focus on growth. We let the blackberries fruit and have gotten approximately a whopping pint off the 2 bushes this year. I am seeing it send up some new canes so that is encouraging.

  2. :D We are waiting on ours to do something. Thought they we planted up this year.