Saturday, July 21, 2012

Global Gardens

I was trying to write up a commentary about some articles I've read recently, but I think I don't want to do that. I think I'd rather let people discuss via comments. But, suffice to say, I find these things to be kind of scary. Granted, I'm pretty sure the story about New Zealand has been carefully worded to show it in the worst possible light, (akin to political campaign ads) but still.
So here you go:
New Zealand Food Bill To Make Growing Food a Government Privilege, Rather Than a  Human Right
A front yard garden in Drummondville, Quebec has now been deemed illegal
The second one leads you to the blog of the couple that has the garden. It does sound misleading here- basically it sounds like the town is updating it's zoning laws and even though it seems like some gardens should be grandfathered in, the government isn't letting that be the case, and will start to fine these people if they don't remove the garden. You kind of have to read through the blog to get the whole gist and if you don't remember any of your high school French (like me), Goggle with helpfully translate it for you.

See? Scary.

Those articles made me think of this song by Guster. And I literally just discovered this was a cover of a Talking Heads song. I love the tongue-in-cheek-ness.

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  1. Governments are making so many laws that almost everyone will become some kind of law breaker just because there are too many laws to keep track of. Micromanagement gone wild. It leads to less respect for the law when regular people are made out to be law breakers. They need to stop legislating so much and it should be as hard to become a lawyer as it is to become a doctor.