Monday, July 16, 2012

Harvest Monday 7.16.12

Harvest on 7.10.12

Harvest on 7.12.12

Harvest on 7.13.12 (They were feeling kinda blah) 

Harvest 7.14.12

Harvest 7.16.12 (I actually pulled 2 more peppers this weekend, but gave them to some friends)

More harvests over at Daphne's


  1. Your pepper reminded me of being out in my garden and I noticed that I had a Jalapeño ready and for some reason I decided to just eat it. It really wasn't too bad but I have decided not to do that again. My regular peppers are not ready, just taking their time. We got a couple squash and I put old bay seasoning on them for a bit of a seafood flavor.

  2. Great harvest this week. That pepper is beautiful.

  3. A really great harvest this week. You have a super good variety already this summer. I won't have that much produce for at least another month.

  4. Lots of lovely zucchini, beans, and tomatoes! Those three crops just shout "SUMMER"!

  5. what a nice variety yoy have this week. Glad the netting and such is working out for you!