Monday, July 23, 2012

Harvest Monday and Updating

I have only 15 minutes until harvest Monday is technically over. It's been a really busy week, and it seems like there's so much going on. I'm getting ready to go on a trip for a long weekend for a wedding, and we're trying to get our carpeting downstairs replaced. Originally we wanted to have an estimate done on Saturday, but they're booked, so they'll be here bright and early tomorrow morning (and here I am at almost midnight posting gardening pictures)

Meager harvest from 7.17.12 The cucumbers have been the most consistent producers, and the only plants that seem to be dealing with the heat. It's been a frustrating few weeks- I feel like I can never keep on top of the watering, and even though there have been storms aplenty in our region, they all seem to fizzle out or go around us. We did get the best rain on Saturday- slow and steady, soaking into the ground deep down. 

I've gotten a third harvest from the basil, so I made my third batch of pesto. I finally finished up the first batch tonight. I also planted some more basil seeds, so I can keep the harvest going. I also bought some tunnel row covers from Burpee. As for my pickles that I made a few weeks ago- I still don't like pickles. So I gave them to a co-worker, along with the dilly beans and made a couple more jars of pickles to give away. 

My first big harvest of the lemon cucumbers. They are wonderful. I need to figure out how to use them (I gave these to C) since B doesn't really like to eat them en masse the way I do. 

Sadly I accidentally knocked that green tomato off the vine while I was picking the other ones. I'm lucky though, it had started to ripen, so hopefully I can still use it. 

Just an artistic picture of the week's harvests. I freaking love that basket. 

I've been giving the beans some time to produce- but they're mostly stagnated. I'm guessing because of the heat. Most of the ones I got today were from my second planting of beans. There are tons of flowers showing up on the first planting of bush beans, but they won't set fruit. I keep thinking I need to pull them out and start trying to plant some fall veggies, but I keep hoping that it will cool off a little bit. 

 The melons are the most exciting part of the garden right now, they've started showing the netting. Is that the proper turn of phrase? I didn't know what the word for the hard outer covering was until a few days ago when it showed up. It'll be soon now!

I included these pictures because I didn't have time on Thursday to post- All those veggies on my plate were from the garden, and the chicken has pesto on it with garden basil.  

And lastly, some fried squash- covered with with Italian breadcrumbs and mozzarella. (I guess I used too much cheese. It's my guilty pleasure)

The garden isn't doing much, sadly. It's the lack of rain and the heat. I should invest in some shade covers, I guess. In addition to the tunnel covers I bought for attempting a fall garden, I also bought a small pyramid bed that I'm going to put the strawberries in, and ordered garlic and onions. I bought Inchelium Red garlic- I'm hoping that I'll get a better harvest. The ones I planted last October didn't get very big. The onions are Yellow Ebenezer. I should've bought the onions much, much sooner, because almost everywhere I looked they were sold out. Granted, I only wanted yellow onions, and I didn't want to grow them from seeds; I wanted to do onion sets. The reason I didn't get red onions is I really only use onions in cooking, and much prefer the yellow ones. I don't really eat raw onions on anything, and B doesn't like them at all. 
The weather forecast for the rest of this week still says 100 or close to it still.  
And there are more harvests to see over at Daphne's!


  1. What a busy lady you are, hope all your weekend plans go well.......
    How rewarding is it when you serve up a meal and most of it from your garden, love the fried squash and cheese.

  2. With all you have going on it is probably a good thing your garden was not over producing. I think you had a very good haul! Also, there is no such thing as too much cheese :)!