Monday, July 2, 2012

Harvesting and Updating

I had a hard time waiting for Monday to show off what I've been getting out of the garden. My garden is pretty small, so small harvests at this point. 

The first ripe zucchini has been picked, and most of it was sauteed for dinner. (I'm saving those pictures for Thursday). And my pollination fears have been mostly unfounded. I've been seeing lots of bees hovering around the plants, but I'm still doing some hand pollinating too, as a fail safe. I finally transplanted the zukes that were in the 24" planters. I know they were too big to transplant, but I figured I'd try anyway. They perked up with some watering, but I planted a couple more seeds anyway. 

After the horrible storm that ripped through our area on Friday, my garden practically doubled in size. It meant that my squash was finally getting big enough to harvest, but then I discovered several of them had been over taken with blossom end rot. I thought I'd pulled all the ones affected, but after the storm on Saturday I discovered more had been affected, covered with black moldy-ness. I bought some lime to amend the soil with and managed to get two of them picked. I think they might have been a little under ripe though.  

This was the other one I picked, and another ripe Husky Red Cherry. This is also a small amount of the beans that I harvested; totals for the whole week are about 3 or 4 lbs (wax, bush and pole beans combined)

I blanched, froze and sealed them in meal size packets. 

I also finally dug up all the potatoes. I probably could've left them in there longer.

I've got plans to expand the potato harvest next year. And anyone know why those two are really dark? I wonder if they're some of the seed potatoes? The couple of seed 'taters that were left in there were all mushy. 

I think this is the last time I'll get any wineberries. They're very small, and even though that's a half cup measuring cup, it's not completely full, so probably closer to a third of a cup. The bushes are struggling with the heat and lack of rain. 

As for updates, the Health Kick tomato wins the award for first non-cherry tomato to ripen. FINALLY! I was getting worried. I'm pretty sure it would've been the Big Mama but some dang squirrels took three of the biggest ones earlier in the week- there were 5 on the stem, and they were the first ones that started growing. That's been the only thing out of the garden they stole, but have also gnawed a hole through our trash cans. I bought a repellent spray.

The soybeans are growing pretty well. Seed packet says about 78 days till harvest. I forgot to take a picture of it, but there are teeny tiny, itty bitty lemon cucumbers starting to form. Nothing from the melons yet, that I can see. 

And lastly, (as bad as I feel saying it) the most interesting damage from the storm is the trampoline that was displaced to the side of the road. 
Now that you've seen my harvests, see what others are getting at Daphne's Dandelions


  1. Quite a harvest from your small garden, new potatoes look great as does your zucchini. Its interesting all the different pests people from around the globe have to deal with. Here in country Australia its rabbits and kangaroos who like the greens and possums who attack the fruit trees. Luckily nothing much likes to eat tomatoes.

    1. Thanks! These squirrels have been very frustrating- that tomato that was ripening in the picture? Gone today. But I'm not sure how I would deal with a kangaroo stealing my food! I guess it's probably similar to deer?

  2. It almost looked like the dark potatoes were a different variety. I have had seed potatoes survive intact until harvest but they didn't look as good. We didn't have much rain on the big friday storm but have had 2 more since then with about 7/10 inch of rain so the garden has perked up. I haven't had very good success with squash this year, not sure why.

    1. I might try to cook them and see how they do. Glad you guys are getting some rain. We got the big one on Friday and that was about it; it's still been a chore to keep everything watered.

  3. wow that must have been quite a storm! I have terrible squirrel and rat problems but so far (knock on wood!) they haven't discovered the tomatoes yet.

    1. Feel free to send them my way, I guess! Haha. I ordered some tulle today to cover them with, so they're not going to get anymore!!!!