Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday's Kitchen Cupbard

My first Thursday's kitchen cupboard! I haven't made a whole lot so far, since things are just starting to take off, and you can only take so many pictures of beans on a plate with pesto before it gets old. I know there are other ways to cook green/wax beans, but I'm pretty lazy during the week, especially since I don't even get home until 7. 
So the above picture is of the zucchini I picked last week, sauteed in a little bit of olive oil

Since the heat has been unbearable, and eating hot food seems even more unbearable, and I should try to incorporate more vegetarian dishes into my diet, I made a salad with the squash that I picked. The cukes and tomatoes are from Giant, and not my garden, yet. The cukes have just started growing (see picture below!!) and I might get some tomatoes eventually, if the damn squirrels stop eating them. I've ordered tulle to cover with and crafted a makeshift barrier with some bird netting. Bastards. B suggested an electrified fence. 

Ah, the real magic- green beans with the homemade pesto, and baked one of the russet potatoes I harvested last week, with some taco pork. 

I included this one even though the only thing I used from the garden was the parsley. Again, hopefully I will have tomatoes and zucchini later to use but for now, just the herbs. But it's delicious. Another cold salad, this one was cooked pasta (then cooled), mixed with olive oil, salt, pepper and some lemon juice, mix in the zukes and tomatoes and feta cheese, with pesto on top. I've been eating it all weekend. 


I also made a second batch of basil pesto, with pine nuts this time. I tasted it when it was done just to make sure it was ok, but it went into the freezer since I haven't finished the other batch yet. 

Update wise I've finally seen a baby melon growing. Hurray! there were so many blooms that I wasn't sure if any had started growing but had just been missed. Now I wonder how long until they're ripe?

Baby cucumbers. I love cucumbers. My dad used to call me cucumber girl when I was first allowed to cook/use knives/contribute to dinner because in the process of chopping cucumbers for the salad, only about half of them would make it in. 

Woohoo! Look how big them lemon cuke is getting! 

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